December 25, 2018 4 min read

A Scent Better Fan Diffuser is the Perfect Christmas Gift to Show You Care

If you’ve been using scented candles in your home and giving them as Christmas gifts to your loved ones, this year, it’s time to up your scent game. A Scent Better fan diffuser is a gift that sends a strong message of caring. While these gifts provide a way to fill your home with fragrance, diffusers also benefit your wellbeing.

Whether you use it in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom, your fan diffuser can spread gorgeous scents that will make you want to linger and enjoy while the aroma lifts your mood and restores your body. Give the gift of a perfect fan diffuser and your loved ones can experience these unique advantages, too.

How Does a Fan Diffuser Work?

All essential oils evaporate when they are exposed to air. When you place a few drops of essential oil in your fan diffuser and turn it on, the diffuser helps the essential oil to break up into small particles that disperse quickly so they can release a more intense aroma into the air. Scent Better fan diffusers are easy to use and ideal for spaces like a living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Your diffuser doesn’t need to run all day; 15 to 30 minutes at a time is long enough to get all the benefits of scenting your home.

Essential oils released into the air emit a pleasant aroma and can help to mask unwanted smells. Some essential oils react with odors, binding them and breaking them down to leave the air smelling fresh even when you turn the diffuser off.

Advantages of a Fan Diffuser Over Candles

If you choose the right decorative fan diffuser, it won’t only be a functional gift but also a beautiful décor element to display. Because there’s no flame, it’s safer than a candle around children and pets—and unlike candles, a Scent Better fan diffuser makes no mess. Fan diffusers are more economical than candles over time, and because they disperse essential oils without burning, users get more value from the oil. One of the best features of a fan diffuser compared to a candle is that it offers the user full control over the amount of fragrance released into the room.

A Gift with Benefits All Year Long

A few drops of high-quality essential oil during a diffusing session can do several things to lift your mood and make your body feel better. When you inhale essential oil scents, your olfactory sense directs messages to your limbic system, which regulates your breathing, memory, heart rate, and blood pressure. Breathing essential oils released by your fan diffuser can help to reduce stress levels, restore hormone balance, improve your concentration, clear your mind, relieve headaches, and provide other daily benefits. Do you know someone who needs to relax and feel healthier? A fan diffuser and essential oils are ideal gifts for self-care.

Which Oils Are Best to Give with a Fan Diffuser?

Pre-mixed essential oil blends are available in heavenly scents that can make a home smell like a hotel or upmarket shop without breaking the bank. Many blends are also formulated specifically to lift your mood or benefit your wellbeing by letting you breathe easier or sleep better.

If you would like to gift pure essential oils with a fan diffuser and you’re uncertain which scents to choose, the answer is easy; whatever smells good to you. Certain oils have specific benefits—for instance, lavender is calming and relaxing and promotes better sleep, while peppermint improves your concentration, and diffusing grapefruit essential oil may help to reduce food cravings and lend a little extra motivation to stick to your diet.

Everyone associates scents with different memories and sensations. You can even encourage friends to establish a combination of oils that smell nice to them to create a unique blend to use with their new diffusers.

Get Creative with a Signature Essential Oil Blend

Using fan diffusion, you can help your loved ones to get creative and make their own custom oil blends to scent every room in a home individually to suit mood and wellbeing needs. Here’s a tip to share: essential oil companies put in a lot of work to create pleasing and effective blends. Mixing your own cocktail from multiple pre-mixed blends might smell pleasant, but a DIY blend may alter the impact of oils that have already been combined to deliver a specific benefit, such as relaxation and better sleep.

If you want to encourage a loved one to make their own blend to pair with their diffuser, always give pure essential oils for maximum benefits.

Diffuse Holiday Magic

The winter holiday season has its own special bouquet. Not only do the scents of Christmas smell great, but they can also help to ward off seasonal mood dips and bring cheer home. This year, you don’t have to bake cookies and drag pine boughs indoors to make any holiday home joyous. Give the gift of fan diffusion with a combination of these essential oils to beautifully scent any home: cinnamon, peppermint, nutmeg, frankincense, pine, myrrh, clove, sweet orange, anise, cedarwood, ginger, and lavender.

The right fan diffuser scent can make your house feel like a home during the Christmas holiday season. Once you’ve found a blend you really like, you can give it to your friends and family for Christmas along with their new diffusers.

Fan diffusers are affordable gifts that bring endless wellness and scent enjoyment possibilities for the holidays and all year ‘round. Invest in a diffuser this season to distribute happiness throughout your home and give the gift of scent magic to your loved ones with essential oils and diffusers they’ll love, too.