October 25, 2018 4 min read

More and more people are discovering the benefits of using essential oils at home. While there are many ways to use these oils, one of the safest and easiest methods that can help you enjoy a better night’s sleep or improve your mood with scent is to use a diffuser. Thankfully, choosing the right kind of diffuser for your home is easy and doesn’t have to max out your budget. Here’s how to get the most out of what essential oils have to offer with the help of Scent Better and how you can enjoy the finest quality in scenting products on the cheap.

So why might you want to scent in your home in the first place? Well, simply put, essential oils are incredible tools for unlocking the power of aromatherapy. Studies have shown that our sense of smell is closely tied to the parts of the brain that are associated with both emotion and long-term memory. That’s why certain scents seem to have the remarkable ability to invoke childhood memories of holidays, summer vacations and so much more.

Yet essential oils in particular are useful thanks to the unique properties that different herbal scents possess. Lavender, for example, has been shown to help ease feelings of anxiety, while citrus scents like lemon or bergamot are exceptional for improving mood and enhancing focus both at work and at home. When these oils are diffused within a particular space, everyone who uses that space can experience these effects, making it a great way to set the mood wherever you are. Allergy sufferers also often report breathing easier when certain oils are diffused, especially naturally cleansing ones like peppermint, eucalyptus or clove. Even if you’re a skeptic when it comes to the benefits of aromatherapy, it’s hard to argue with the feeling of luxury and class that a gorgeous scent can impart to any room.

Essential oils are made through a careful distillation process that concentrates the natural oils found in a variety of plants. These oils tend to break down when exposed to heat, so at Scent Better, we do our best to preserve them in their purest state using a cold-press method. We also start with the finest organic ingredients, without any unnecessary additives, so you can rest assured that whatever is in the bottle is just what nature intended.

Many people who are new to essential oils are curious about their safety. Because essential oils are so highly concentrated, it is true that there are some safety precautions to keep in mind. For example, essential oils should never be taken internally and should generally not be used on the skin, as this can result in irritation or worse. Similarly, care must be taken when using undiluted oils around children and pets, who may be more sensitive to the compounds found within certain oils.

Diffusing oils, however, is a safe and effective way to experience the mood-uplifting effects of aromatherapy in the home. While you may have seen some DIY diffusing methods posted online, these usually involve heating oils until they disperse a scent, such as through the use of a tea light, which unfortunately reduces the oil’s quality and results in a less pure scent. For full therapeutic effects, and for a better overall smell, you need to use a method that keeps your essential oil cool and free of chemical impurities.

An ultrasonic or nebulizing diffuser from Scent Better, however, creates a very fine spray and distributes natural fragrance from the essential oil of your choice throughout a room at levels that are safe for everyone in the family to enjoy. Ultrasonic diffusers use water and tiny ultrasonic waves to disperse oil while nebulizing diffusers break oils down to their molecular level, which may allow for greater therapeutic results. Since neither type of device uses heat to disperse scent, both diffusers ensure that the delicate chemical makeup of each oil is preserved in its entirety, leaving you with a pure aroma that smells cleaner and is better for the air quality in your home.

While some diffusers can cost a small fortune, Scent Better’s cold-air nebulizing and ultrasonic scenting machines are made to work just as well as the premium models at an affordable price, allowing you to enjoy a touch of luxury in your home on a budget. Our essential oil blends are also priced to please and are available in a wide range of popular scents, from the invigorating aroma of rosemary to the bright notes of pure orange oil. As a company committed to offering environmentally-friendly solutions, we are also proud to focus on using sustainable shipping and packaging methods.

Your home can smell like a five-star hotel or a romantic spa getaway with ease when you pair a Scent Better diffuser with one of our 100 percent pure organic aroma oils. So, go ahead and treat yourself and your family to the very best without ever having to break the bank. Choose Scent Better and you’ll truly have a way to scent your home at a better price than ever before.