Fields Of Lavender - 120ml

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Take a trip down memory lane with this scent that is the perfect blend of warm, natural vanilla, and flora lavender. Introducing Lavender Vanilla by Scent Better, available in a larger 120ml size.

  • Your walk through a tranquil garden awaits thanks to this beautiful blend of vanilla and lavender. Fill your space with a scent that is equally as warm and bright as it is calmative and restful.

    Known for its calming effects and ability to cure insomnia and anxiety, this peaceful blend is your ticket to a restful sleep and brighter morning.

    Breathe in all this blend has to offer by dropping several generous drops of this essential oil blend into your preferred Scent Better  diffuser. And that’s it. Sit back and luxuriate in this luminous blend; It’s one of our most popular blends for a reason.

    With nothing but raw, vegan oils making this floral heavy blend, you can trust that what you’re filling your room or loved ones space with is nothing but pure, essential oil. Stripping nothing from the planet, but rather adding to it, this scent does not disappoint.

    Whether you’re using this blend for it’s aromatherapeutic properties or simply for it’s universally pleasing aroma, you’ll feel the benefits of a scent that instantly calms stress and brightens any day.

  • Why Scent Better?
    Cautious about what you put into the world? Good. So are we. Free of everything but authenticity, we’re committed to our oils being vegan, non-GMO, free from animal testing, and free of additives. Hotelier is no exception. Best of all, no dyes, fillers, or silicones means what you’re getting is exactly what you’re buying - real oil.

    The Fine Print -
    We’re as committed to authenticity as we are to making our customers happy, but that means we need to have some rules in place (with you in mind, of course).

    Due to the unique nature of oils, we cannot accept oils for return or exchange once they’ve been opened. We’re more than happy to provide you with samples, however, before making your purchase. Questions? Concerns? Compliments? Give us a shout at +1.877.347.5239


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leila Gentry
Great as a gift or for yourself

Some oils are way to intensive. This one is just perfect. Treat yourself with it or give as a gift.

Patience Harding
Practical in cold air diffuser. Doesn't leave stains.

Aroma not too sweet or intensive. Simply as it should be! The best. Wish this came in perfume form too.

Bridget Blair
Pleasant, discreet, not too overpowering

Best of all, this bottle goes a long way. Great quality for tiny price.

Pablo Frazier
this is my personal favorite essential oil

this oil is my favorite essential oil and you only need a few drops

Jaqueline Madden
Product surpassed my expectations

Affordable price. High quality. Natural smell. Quick delivery. Economical. Wouldn't mind giving 10 Stars!