Bali Spa - 500ml

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Green tea, lemongrass, and jasmine create the most relaxing Scent Better scent. Introducing Bali Spa by Scent Better, now in a 500ml size.

  • Whether a spa day is what you need or a luxurious vacation, Bali Spa will instantly transport you to your ideal paradise, oasis, or 5-star spa.

    Bask in the benefits of lemongrass, which range from mind and mood boosting, to space cleansing and purifying. This rich citrus oil is ideal for all spaces, from small to large. Best of all, it’s all natural, vegan, and has no additives or fillers. Nothing but real, essential oils here.

    With notes Ylang Ylang, and Orange, this aromatic blend boasts countless advantages, from soothing stresses to boosting your mood. The spa isn’t just about your body anymore.

    Secondary notes of ylang ylang and fir needle oil awaken your spirits and recharge your body, mind, and soul. Increase blood flow and brain power with this super blend of power oils.

    To use, simply pour 10-15 generous drops of Bali Spa into your preferred  Scent Better diffuser. breathe in, relax, and recharge. Need to scent a larger space? Not a problem. This scent is as good for the environment as it is fragrant.

    So go ahead, take a spa day. Or maybe a few. Blissful moments of relaxation await.

  • Why Scent Better?
    Cautious about what you put into the world? Good. So are we. Free of everything but authenticity, we’re committed to our oils being vegan, non-GMO, free from animal testing, and free of additives. Hotelier is no exception. Best of all, no dyes, fillers, or silicones means what you’re getting is exactly what you’re buying - real oil.

    The Fine Print -
    We’re as committed to authenticity as we are to making our customers happy, but that means we need to have some rules in place (with you in mind, of course).

    Due to the unique nature of oils, we cannot accept oils for return or exchange once they’ve been opened. We’re more than happy to provide you with samples, however, before making your purchase. Questions? Concerns? Compliments? Give us a shout at +1.877.347.5239


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Memphis Wilkinson
Super unique and vibrant scent

The smell is so distinct. I use it every chance I get

Noelle Bonilla
I got a diffuser for my birthday

A friend gave me a diffuser for my birthday and I haven't stopped using it since that day.

Tripp Andrade
I wish I didn't wait so long

I really wish I didn't wait so long to buy this scent. It is incredible!

It doesn't give you a headache

It produces a great smell without overpowering any of your senses.

Zara Myers
A little bit goes a long way

Just a few drops it all you need to make your area smell great.