Scenting Restaurants

Promote Food Sales By Stimulating The Sense Of Smell Through Scent.

For centuries the food industry has been stimulating the sense of smell to promote food sales worldwide. Whether it’s a scent of fresh baked bread, roasted coffee or that mouth water scent of strawberries in the produce isle, the sense of smell is the most powerful of all senses as it enhances taste and attracts customers.

Scenting can also be introduced in areas where food aroma is absent for example in the packaged and canned food aisles. To preserve the foods from spoiling they are refrigerated, or wrapped in plastic which further eliminates any wonderful food aromas that otherwise tell customers their produce is fresh and ripe, and their baked goods have just come out of the scorching hot oven.

We, as consumers, are spoiled with a great variety of foods in the supermarkets, and scent being the most powerful stimuli can evoke strong emotions which will lead to impulse buying.

Scenting systems to enhance food and drink aromas.

Scent marketing is one of the most powerful tools that helps you connect with your customers on an emotional level and creates an unforgettable and long lasting impression. AromaTech has a wide range of food aromas to enhance any environment and product.

AromaTech offers solutions to fit your needs. For small areas, AromaPro’s versatility and sleekness will add new dimensions to your lobby. If discrete aroma diffusion is important, you may choose to scent through HVAC (AC ventilation system) to cover larger public areas such as guest corridors or atrium style lobbies.

AromaTech’s scent delivery solutions and premium aroma oils will allow you to enhance the scent of fruits, vegetable or beverages; the choice is yours

Benefits of Scenting

Theme parks in the U.S. strategically placed scent machines to disperse a fragrance that awakens customers taste buds and drives them to start looking for cotton candy, popcorn or caramel apples. Taste is amplified by the sense of smell increases sales and lures customers in.

A supermarket showed an impressive increase in bakery sales when the aroma of fresh bread was diffused through a scent machine. Scent stimulates appetite, and the smell of our favorite food will make our mouth water and trigger us to buy.