What Is Scent Diffusion?

Cold air scent diffusion is a modern, clean, and impactful way to scent your space. Using the unique technology of cold air diffusion, your aroma oils or essential oil blends are transformed into a fine, micro mist, using filtered air rather than the traditional method of using heat, a fan, or evaporation.

This unique method allows you to get the maximum benefits from your oils, without breaking them down further or diluting them with water, alcohol, additives, or worst of all heat; because you’re not diluting your oils or blending them with something fake, you get a scent that’s natural, free from fillers, and better for yourself and the environment.

Cold air scent diffusion allows you to use less oil, and harness all the possible benefits from your blend. Whether scenting a large or small space, only a few drops of oil is needed to make an impact, thanks to the cold air diffusion method. Other diffusers use heat, water, or both to diffuse your blend, resulting in a less intense aroma and an overall messy experience. When you dilute your oils, you also run the risk of a less consistent scenting experience; too much water and you have a weak scent, too much oil and your overscenting your space, which can be potentially harmful to not only yourself but those around you.

Unlike most diffusers, our machines give you full control of your scenting experience, from intensity of the mist to how long you’d like to scent your space for. Giving you full control of your scenting experience, you get to decide how strong or subtle the scent. You’re in the driver's seat.

Scent Better is fully committed to preserving the integrity of each and every oil blend by using only the finest scenting technologies, giving each space a consistent, intense, and therapeutic essential oil experience. Whether you’re scenting a large or small space, we understand the important of quality over quantity, that less is more, and simplicity is key. In keeping these sentiments in mind, we remain committed to giving you only the best. The technology we produce is the technology we trust in our homes, around our loved ones, and our pets. We want you to trust it, too.