Why Scent Better?

Scenting your space is crucial when trying to turn a house into a home and create a happier and healthier space. But with so many brands, varieties of oil, and different diffusers, the diffusion method may be easy to find, but finding a quality product - not so much. Until now.

With ingredients you can actually recognize, and a product that’s accessible to all, Scent Better is your premium home scenting solution.

Why are we Different?

In a world of fast-fashion, trend centric products are produced in masses and distributed at low prices. But at what cost? As one of the largest sources of pollution, fast-fashion may be accessible, but it’s scarily damaging.

We differentiate ourselves from the rest by creating a product of luxury quality at a realistic price point, thanks to local production and direct to consumer distribution. In doing so, we can ensure the quality of each and every product we make is akin to what you’d expect of a product double the price, or maybe even triple.

Our commitment to being environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible, and all natural sets us apart from the rest. Our beliefs pave the way for us to create a product we’re proud of - and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.