Wool Dryer Balls & The Hotelier

Our most popular scent is now more practical than ever. Introducing the newest addition to Scent Better - 100% natural dryer balls, in our highly coveted Hotelier scent.

  • Environmentally friendly, 100% natural, and cost effective, our wool dryer balls not only decrease drying time and leave your clothes wrinkle free, but also scent your clothing with the light and airy Hotelier scent you know and love.

    Made from ethically sourced wool, our neatly packaged dryer balls offer an all natural solution to wrinkled clothing and excessive drying time.

    To use, simply toss the dryer balls in your dryer with your clothing and enjoy the light Hotelier fragrance. With floral rich notes like red rose, geranium and lavender, this fan favourite scent lingers on your clothing, freshening your entire wardrobe. Can’t get enough of this lovely scent? Our dryer balls double as an in closet scent booster as well. Thanks to all natural, vegan, and non-GMO oils, this scent is raw, long lasting, and richly scented. Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly and non irritating - trust that what you’re wearing is as good for yourself and your loved ones as it is beautifully fragrant.

    Luxuriate in the beautiful notes of pine and orange oil. Let these purifying oils scent your clothing, cleanse your palette and reawaken your senses.

  • Why Scent Better?
    Cautious about what you put into the world? Good. So are we. Free of everything but authenticity, we’re committed to our oils being vegan, non-GMO, free from animal testing, and free of additives. Hotelier is no exception. Best of all, no dyes, fillers, or silicones means what you’re getting is exactly what you’re buying - real oil.

    The Fine Print -
    We’re as committed to authenticity as we are to making our customers happy, but that means we need to have some rules in place (with you in mind, of course).

    Due to the unique nature of oils, we cannot accept oils for return or exchange once they’ve been opened. We’re more than happy to provide you with samples, however, before making your purchase. Questions? Concerns? Compliments? Give us a shout at +1.877.347.5239


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Robinson
well-packed - arrived quickly - scent is good

first time in dryer went well - laundry soft and fluffy - time saver

Irvin May
Drying time reduced by 15 minutes.

The material is pleasant. The balls aren't too big, so don't take a lot of room.

Ethan Green
Top quality!

These work perfectly and they are super duper high quality. I love this idea.

Holden Oneal
Love it!

Smells so good, even my hubby likes it!

Xzavier Keith
Smells absolutely spectacular

I'll definitely be trying out the other scents when mine runs out. I can't get enough of it and it's not harmful for my kids. It's perfect!!