About us

Raw, real, and free of synthetics. Fueling the need to fill in the gaps in the essential oil market, Scent Better was born out of passion. Wanting to create a better product and leave behind a better planet, the makers of Scent Better committed themselves to creating something unique, environmentally conscious and most importantly - real.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, the ocean aesthetic and natural elements can be found in all Scent Better products, from diffusers, oils, hair and body mists, and lastly room sprays. Transparent, non-synthetic, natural, and real. We show you exactly what’s in our products, how they’re made, and why. No surprises here.

Striving to raise the bar and change the oil industry status quo, Scent Better is determined to become the industry leader in environmentally friendly essential oils. And we think we’re doing a pretty good job so far.

Creating an all encompassing scent experience, from room sprays, to mists and diffusers, Scent Better is a one stop shop for every scenting want and need. Effortlessly turn a house into a home, an office into a spa, and your morning commute into a peaceful moment of tranquility.

Approaching each and every aspect of the business from a customer perspective, because they, too, were customers, Scent Better employees take a customer-mindset into every meeting, every production run, every season, making sure the questions YOU would ask, are the questions BEING asked. Personal expression is the most important decision a brand should never make.

Noticing that for years the essential oil market was filled with experts telling you what to use and how to use it, and not the other way around, Scent Better is flipping the script and putting the customer first. You tell us, and we’ll deliver.

Scent Better is brave, unapologetic, and most importantly passionate. Passion is the driver in all that we do, and we believe you can see that in the products we make. We hope this sparks something in you, too.

Give us a try - breathe in life, and breathe out negativity. And most importantly, share your feedback with us along the way - this is your journey, we’re just here to help.