Why Scent Your Space?

From candles to wax burners, to diffusers, nebulizers, incense and scented reeds, the home scenting market has evolved tremendously throughout the years. The aromatherapy market is inundated with products and new technologies, with new methods seamingly added near daily. Accessibility is great, but the challenge of choice makes it difficult to determine the best method for every unique lifestyle. Thanks to Scent Better, an environmentally savvy, long lasting, and all natural product makes scenting yours space easy and stress free, with endless benefits.

The benefits of aromatherapy are endless, from creating a beautifully scented space, to alleviating physical ailments and calming anxiety. Studies show that those who exercise aromatherapy perform better at the workplace, better manage their emotions, and handle stress much better than those who don’t. From the ability to help with migraines and insomia, to the benefits of increased circulation and metabolism, aromatherapy through scenting truly is your one stop shop for physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Thanks to Scent Better’s pure essential oil blends, not only can you harness the benefits of essential oil diffusion, but you can scent your space beautifully at the same time.

The ability to fill each room with a different scent is also a win with Scent Better’s unique technologies. For your bedroom, we suggest something relaxing and soothing, like Fields of Lavender. Your living room? Something light and airy - like Hotelier. To help cover any leftover food odours, you could try Sicily - a heavy citrus scent. And lastly, your powder room - the perfect scent being Japanese Garden. With the scent diffusion method, each blend is consistently turned into an even micro mist and distributed throughout your space - no need to worry about uneven smells, unfortunate messes left by wax and soot, or the overscenting of your space. Each diffusion is a perfect, aromatherapeutic experience.

Scenting your space ensures your environment is inviting and warm for your guests, loved ones, and yourself. Easily cater your space to fit your mood, and just as easily change it up when you see fit. With Scent Better, you’re in complete control of your scent journey. It’s your prerogative to change your mind, your mood, and your scent. Scent Better allows you do so at the flip of a switch, with no lingering smells, debris, or smoke trails. Breathe in, breathe out, and trust the endless benefits of scenting your space with the world’s best essential oil blends.