January 01, 2019 4 min read

The holiday season is here, and it’s the perfect time to use cold air diffusion in your home or office to make others feel welcome and help them get into the holiday spirit with you. There’s no better way to create a holiday environment than by adding scent–it truly brings a special something to your space, especially when combined with some lovely holiday decorations.

Your essential oil diffuser can enhance your holiday festivities, provide inviting aromas to enjoy, ward off seasonal depression, and provide multiple other benefits. Here are some of the best scents to diffuse during the holidays.


Cinnamon is, for many people, a sure-fire way to trigger sensory memories. Lots of people smell cinnamon and are instantly transported back to happy childhood days of warm kitchens, good food, joyous laughter, and being surrounded by loved ones. Fill your home with the scent of cinnamon this season and experience these benefits for yourself.


One of the most well-known scents of the holiday season is pine–the smell of Christmas trees! Pine scents will bring an instant holiday ambience to your home. If you can’t or don’t have a real Christmas tree, you can use a scent that contains pine to fill in the sensory blank. Pine is also an energizing scent, which is great because you’ll need the energy for the extra workouts you’ll have to do to burn off those holiday calories.


Another delightful holiday scent, you’ll find peppermint in cookies, candy canes, and other holiday treats. It has the unique ability to energize and calm at the same time, giving you the clarity and focus you need to get through those long cooking sessions or evenings hosting holiday guests. Use cold air diffusion to disperse the smell of peppermint throughout your home and you’ll quickly fall in love with this crisp and clean aroma.


Clove is a classic holiday spice often used to accent holiday hams, enhance mulled wine, and spice up other seasonal classics. Cloves impart a rich, full scent that lends depth to your holiday ambience. Many people report clove essential oils also help relieve respiratory and sinus issues caused by colds–a common problem this time of year.


Nutmeg can effectively trigger sensory memories of favorite holiday foods and beverages and other happy holiday memories. Nutmeg is often overlooked as an essential oil, but give this hidden gem a try–it smells incredible and offers a range of health-boosting properties, too.

Sweet Orange

Citrus happens to be in season around Christmastime. Traditionally, oranges were popular gifts, and today, they are still often included in gift baskets. These delicious tropical fruits smell as good as they taste–and so do their essential oils. Scents that combine sweet orange with cinnamon or clove make irresistible holiday scents perfect for any home or office.


Ginger is the key flavor in mulled wine and gingerbread houses and its essential oil makes a wonderful addition to your holiday home. The scent of ginger blended with other essential oils creates a rich, spicy aroma guaranteed to please your guests and give weary spirits a lift.


This rich, woody scent is perfect for home cold air diffusion because it will make your home smell cozy and inviting, a warm retreat from the frigid weather outside. Shake off the chill and soothe your nerves with a lovely cedarwood essential oil blend.


What does lavender have to do with the holidays? For one thing, it’s one of the most soothing and calming essential oils you can diffuse, making it perfect for stressful holiday activities when the hustle and bustle starts to feel like a bit too much. When you’ve been running around all day and you’re stressed and tired, you’ll love coming home to the peaceful scent of lavender.

Deck the Halls with Holiday Scents from Scent Better

Using cold air diffusion and the right essential oils can help you transform your home into a holiday retreat that you and your guests will love. Essential oil diffusers are the perfect way to scent any home, from small apartments to large single-family houses. Essential and aroma oils not only add a pleasant layer of scent but, paired with nebulizing diffusers, they also help to clean and purify the air.

The best part of holiday scenting? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you’re like most people, your budget is already bursting at the seams this time of year. Go ahead and treat yourself–our diffusers and 100% pure essential and aroma oils are the perfect way to give yourself a well-deserved gift without spending a lot.

Whether you would like to scent a small area such as a bathroom or bedroom or diffuse a wonderful holiday aroma throughout your home, we’ve got the perfect diffuser and a wide range of scents perfect for many different applications. Feel free to contact us with any questions–and happy holidays!