Aristocrat - 120ml

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Rich, bold, and attractive. Introducing Aristocrat essential oil blend by Scent Better, offered in a 120ml size.

  • Emulating a bonfire or a wood burning stove, this warm, inviting scent is both memorable and unique. Triggering memories of camp fires past and reminding you of those family camping trips, this pleasing scent is your ticket to a simpler time.

    Whether you’re dreaming of a night spent under the stars or watching embers dance in the night sky, this scent is for you. Cardamon, papyrus, and musk pave the way for secondary notes of patchouli oil and cedarwood oil to blend effortlessly with this luminous scent.

    To take advantage of all this blend has to offer, simply drop 10-15 droplets of Aristocrat into your favourite  diffuser, and allow the healing benefits of aromatherapy to fill your room. Breathe in and unwind.

    Whether you’re scenting a large or small space, you can rest assured that nothing but pure, natural essential oils are filling your room. Vegan, non-GMO, and free of additives and fillers, you’re getting only authentic oil here.

    Fill your space with a blend that is as warm and unique as it is soothing. Relax and unwind - this moment (or several) is for you.

  • Why Scent Better?
    Cautious about what you put into the world? Good. So are we. Free of everything but authenticity, we’re committed to our oils being vegan, non-GMO, free from animal testing, and free of additives. Hotelier is no exception. Best of all, no dyes, fillers, or silicones means what you’re getting is exactly what you’re buying - real oil.

    The Fine Print -
    We’re as committed to authenticity as we are to making our customers happy, but that means we need to have some rules in place (with you in mind, of course).

    Due to the unique nature of oils, we cannot accept oils for return or exchange once they’ve been opened. We’re more than happy to provide you with samples, however, before making your purchase. Questions? Concerns? Compliments? Give us a shout at +1.877.347.5239


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Prince Villarreal
Even better than I had suspsected!!!

I always buy Aristocrat. A big bottle for my home, and a smaller one for the diffuser in my car.

Emilee Brooks
Be careful not to use too much.

A few drops go a long way and the perfume is wonderful.

Savanna Fitzpatrick
Received my Aristocrat this morning.

It smells truly fresh and a bit sicy. Hadn't expected a simple essential oil to smell so complex.

Denise Carpenter
My favorite aroma to unwind. Use it often.

Very pure and clear oil with natural smell, Truly makes your house a haven.

Dale Wall
Planning on ordering more

I just got my first order and I'm already on the look out for my next scent.