SB-100 Scent Diffuser

Introducing the SB-100 Essential Oil Diffuser by Scent Better. Powerful yet quiet, understated yet eye catching, meet this power house diffuser that’s sure to scent your space beautifully.

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  • Boasting four different settings to give you full control over how little or how much scent you want, this cold air diffuser is as sleek in design as it is powerful in aromatherapy.

    The SB-100 is equipped to diffuser all Scent Better 10ml essential oil bottles; don’t let such a small size disway you, however. This diffuser can scent up to 110 sq.ft. effortlessly.

    To use your new diffuser, simply detached the empty 10ml bottle from your diffuser, and screw in any essential oil blend of your choosing (we recommend Hotelier - one of our most popular scents).

    Next, ensure the 10ml oil bottle is snug and secure. Once confirmed, re-attach the container to the diffuser, and place the oil bottle into the base of the diffuser.

    Once the air hole on the diffuser bottle and the base of the diffuser align, you’re ready to start scenting your space! Press the power button, choose your intensity level, and embrace the many benefits of aromatherapy, thanks to the easy to use SB-100 essential oil diffuser.

    With it’s sleek design and travel friendly dimensions, the SB-100 is the definition of portable, and affordable, luxury. Whether you’re starting your morning with a rich citrus scent or ending your night thanks to relaxing notes of lavender, the SB-100 is the perfect diffuser for the person who believes less is more, and who luxuriates in the simple things.

  • Why Scent Better?
    Cautious about what you put into the world? Good. So are we. Free of everything but authenticity, we’re committed to our oils being vegan, non-GMO, free from animal testing, and free of additives. Hotelier is no exception. Best of all, no dyes, fillers, or silicones means what you’re getting is exactly what you’re buying - real oil.

    The Fine Print -
    We’re as committed to authenticity as we are to making our customers happy, but that means we need to have some rules in place (with you in mind, of course).

    Due to the unique nature of oils, we cannot accept oils for return or exchange once they’ve been opened. We’re more than happy to provide you with samples, however, before making your purchase. Questions? Concerns? Compliments? Give us a shout at +1.877.347.5239


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
jiang kong (Hyattsville, US)

SB-100 Scent Diffuser

Clinton Dunlap
Excellent value for money is why I love this diffiser!

I can take it with me wherever I want to go. Just great!

Liliana Gates
Design blends right in.

Sleek and subtle, so nobody notices it. But they do notice the lovely aroma. Win-Win!

Chaya Summers
What a splendid addition to our interior!

We use two diffusers, one at home and one in our shop. Our customers are so surprised which is an advantage in a shop.

Layne Dawson
One of the best diffusers available.

Great price/quality. Simple to assemble, just add oil and switch one. Easy peasy!